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Bangkok Property Investment

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Rental brokerage & Property management service
Once you have purchased your property for the purpose of earning a rental income, you might want to find a tenant. Besides advertising, arranging viewings and signing rental agreements with potential tenants, there will be ongoing supervision required.  Once a tenant has moved into the premises, rent has to be paid on time and urgent matters have to be taken care of. If you have no interest or time to attend to this assignment yourself, you could rest assure that by assigning BPI, everything is handled in a professional and on time matter. We provide the following services:

By assigning BPI to find a tenant for your property, we will take care of advertising your property, arranging viewings with potential tenants and negotiating/con- cluding a rental agreement.
Kindly contact us if you wish more information regarding our fee.

Property management
BPI provides professional property management services for occupied and unoccupied properties. This service includes rental collection, property maintenance coordination, bill payment and standby service. Kindly contact us for our service fees.