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Baan Ing Phu properties
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Upscale Living at Baan Ing Phu/ Hua Hin

Baan Ing Phu villas provide a wonderful combination of Eastern design style and Western building quality. Use of the finest of local materials offers a personal choice of granite, marble, wood and ceramic products.

Each villa can be custom built to individual requirements, offering the owners the unique opportunity to create the home of their dreams…

Offering unparalleled luxury living in the Royal beach resort of Hua Hin, Baan Ing Phu is nature’s way to a relaxed, harmonious lifestyle.

Baan Ing Phu consists of beautifully designed meticulously built and carefully finished homes and condominiums, each one of which provides stunning vistas of the Black Mountains and the lush fairways of the Black Mountain Golf Course.

A solid infrastructure is a crucial element of developing a solid project. At Baan Ing Phu we appreciate the importance of a good infrastructure. Highly qualified engineers and specialists have provided design solutions for roads, power supplies, water storage and treatment, computer networks, cable TV and more.

This has resulted in a very secure infrastructure at Baan Ing Phu that is unique in Thailand. Each home at Baan Ing Phu is provided with drinking quality water and a state-of-the-art fibre optic network is in place for centralised internet, cable TV and security systems.

All power cables are placed underground, as is its own central water tank, equipped with industrial strength pumps and filters.

Baan Ing Phu provides an extensive variety of facilities for recreational sports and exercise. These include tennis courts, two large swimming pools and a professionally equipped fitness area. A children’s playground, poolside restaurant and a shop for general provisions are also close to hand.

Baan Ing Phu is always in immaculate condition. The gardens, pools and water station are maintained on a daily basis, and a team of technicians is also at hand should problems occur.

Baan Ing Phu provides five star facilities such as maid and concierge services and 24/7 security.

We also are agent of  Baan Ing Phu Property Developement in Hua Hin.  Baan Ing Phu has been awarded as the best condo-developer in Hua Hin and voted as the top-3 villla developer in Hua Hin in 2009.
We have 4 categories of properties available.  Please click on the category of your choice for detailed infomation.
Condominiums /  2 or 3 bedrooms
Spa villa
2 - Story villa
Single story villa
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